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Dollar follows overseas, has third high then and close the R$3,66

SAO PAULO (Reuters)-the dollar rallied for the third consecutive session and touch real 3.70 level on Tuesday, following the external scenario, where grew the fears that interest in the United States may rise more than expected this year , which would affect the global flow of capital. The dollar advanced 0,90%, the actual selling, renewing 3.6608 higher closing level since 7 April 2016, when finished 3.6937 reais. In these three trading sessions, the American currency was 3,22% more expensive compared to the real. The maximum of this session, the dollar came to 3.6943 reais. The dollar had future enhancement of about 1% in the late afternoon. "If the euro then falling and the dollar advancing against the basket of currencies, while remaining above 93, the dollar will follow pressed here too. Is a global movement, "said the Director of Wagner Investment Securities consulting, José Faria Jr. In this session, the dollar surged to the highest since December against a basket of currencies, up 93, after robust American economy and data that reinforced bets that the Federal Reserve, the country's central bank will raise interest rates twice more this year. Until then, the expectation was only two more high. Earlier, the United States ' future interest precificavam 54% chance of high interest -2.50 2.25 percent at the end of the year, that is, three more high beyond the already made this year. Currently, rates are in the range of -1.75 1.50 percent. [nL2N1SM1BU] High rates have the potential to appeal to the world's largest economy funds invested in other financial centres, such as the brazilian. U.s. retail sales rose by 0,3% in April, in line with the projections, but the March data were improved, showing expansion of 0,8%, about 0,6% before. [nZON1SAS05] The dollar also showed high steady against currencies of emerging countries and commodity exporters, in advance of the day of the 10-year Treasury yield to above the level of 3%. Internally, the caution of investors also ran from the political scene, especially after disclosure of election survey CNT/MDA on the eve and indicated a preference for candidates that investors see as less committed to fiscal adjustment. The Central Bank sold in this session the total offer of up to 5000 new foreign exchange swaps traditional, equivalent to the future sale of dollars. Also sold in full to 4,225 offer swaps for scrolling the expiration of June. Thus, already rolled 3.54 billion dollars from 5.650 billion in total WINS next month.
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