sexta-feira, 08 de junho, 2018

Citrus: Demand increases, but quality falls, presses and export values

With the end of the strike of truck drivers, the citrícola market resumed the pace in recent days. According to contributors to the Cepea, the demand is steady in the plantations this week, because of the need to supply on the part of buyers, who had no fruit in stock. However, drained oranges producers who were already more mature, in order to avoid loss of quality, case sales desacelerassem. So, in part, of the week (Monday-Thursday), the Orange PEAR price averaged $25,48/40.8 kg, cx, tree indentation of 5.4% compared to the previous period. Among the reflections of standstill, the biggest losses were registered for the tangerine and tahiti – acid lime is for having been in the trucks stopped on the roads or stored in packing houses. In the case of tahiti, exports are still to a lesser pace, due to the necessity of settlement of shipments along the ports. The loss of quality of the fruit, which were stockpiled during the protests, also has hampered shipments.
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