terça-feira, 05 de junho, 2018

Ethanol: hydrous quantity marketed in May is the largest since Oct/17

Even with the truck drivers ' strike in Brazil and the consequent difficulty of removing ethanol, the turnover involving the hydrated in Sao Paulo in May was the largest since October 2017. He was also the highest amount for a month of may from 2015. According to researchers at the Cepea, the heated demand follows supporting biofuel prices. In full weeks of may, the indicator CEPEA/ESALQ for hydrated ethanol averaged $1,6111 per litre, 5.35% over April. In the same comparison, the average of the indicator CEPEA/ESALQ for anhydrous ethanol in May was only 0.11% over the previous month, standing at $1,7285 per litre. In the last week of the month, specifically, the business was below the pace registered in the previous periods, with greater movement only on Friday, 1. Distributors focused on product withdrawal negotiated in the first fortnight of May. The plants, the grinding was resumed and the shipments, gradually normalized.
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