segunda-feira, 25 de junho, 2018

Foreign currencies to end of 2018 rises to $3.63 R $3.65 R, says Focus

The market Focus report released on the morning of Monday, 25, by the Central Bank, showed changes in the scenario for the American currency in 2018 and 2019. The median expectations for the exchange rate at the end of this year was R $3.63 R $3.65, R $3.48 the checked a month ago. Already the average exchange rate in the year went from R $3.57 R $3.58 R $3.46, compared with a month ago. To 2019, the projection of economists consulted by the Central Bank for the Exchange at the end of the year followed in R $3.60, R $3.47 of four polls ago. Already the expectation for the average exchange rate next year was R $3.50 R $3.54 R $3.40, appointed a month ago.
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