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ANP see as possible costly transfer surplus auction on November 29

RIO DE JANEIRO (Reuters)-the national agency of petroleum, Natural gas and biofuels (ANP) evaluates be possible to settle the procedures needed to perform the mega auction of surplus volumes called onerous assignment, in the pre-salt Santos basin, in 29 of November, said Director-General of the regulator, Decius Oddone, in line with what has been flagged by the Government. The contract of transfer for valuable consideration was signed between Government and Petrobras in 2010, allowing the State to produce up to 5 billion barrels of oil equivalent in a certain region of the pre-salt. But the reserves found are much larger, and the Government wants bidding on them. The auction, however, depends on approval in the Senate and presidential sanction of a Bill, in addition to a review of the contract of assignment for valuable consideration between Petrobras and Union, before the Government could approve the holding of the event. "If the Government decided, this period of November 29, the (Executive Secretary of the Ministry of mines and energy) Márcio Félix is flagging, yes you can, we can," said Oddone, the event in Rio de Janeiro to launch the annual report of the Oil industry. "The PNA has the model number ready. I'm not going to tell you that the PNA is not ready to do. Of course he's ready. " Normally, the city needs about four months to complete procedures for conducting an auction of acreage of oil, from the approval of the federal Government. Among them, the PNA carries out consultation and public hearing of the drafts of the agreements and notices of bids. Oddone reaffirmed that the Agency estimates that there are between 5 billion and 15 billion barrels of equivalent oil surpluses to the contract of assignment for valuable consideration. According to him, considering a volume of 10 billion barrels of surplus, which would be the most likely, in your estimation, would be demanded 17 platforms oil and gas production and investment – billion reais for each platform, for example, would be 6 billion needed. The production of surpluses, according to Oddone, will generate over the lifetime of the areas a total collection, nominal, to the federal Government, to 1.8 trillion dollars. He predicted that the peak of production of these reserves must be of 2 million barrels a day, could be achieved in 10 years if they are bidded still in 2018. REFINING Oddone also returned to defend the sale of Petrobras ' control of some of their refineries as a way to reduce the company's monopoly in the production of fuel in the country. The company today owns almost 100% Brazil's capacity of oil refining. On Tuesday, Petrobras announced the suspension of sale of 60% of your participation in refining and logistics facilities in the Northeast and South of the country, in addition to other assets, after an interim decision of the Minister Ricardo Lewandowski, the Supreme Federal Court (STF ), the sale of shares of public companies depends on legislative authorization. "I think the process of disinvestment of Petrobras, as proposed by Petrobras, must continue," he pointed out Oddone.
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