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Corn: With focus on harvest and in good weekly sales, market rises for 3rd straight day in Chicago

The main positions of the corn traded on Chicago (CBOT) rose for the third straight day. Along the session this Thursday (19), salaries widened the gains and ended the trading session with high between 3.50 and 4.00 points, a recovery of more than 1%. The September contract/18 was quoted at $ $3.51 a bushel, while the December 18 operated the $ $3.65 a bushel. The March/19 ended the day at $ $3.76 a bushel and may/19 worked to $ $3.82 a bushel. According to information from international agencies, the market is still supported on concerns about the climate in the Midwest of the United States. With much of the crop already in the process of pollination, the concern is with the weather forecasts, which indicate a few rains in the coming days on production belt. From 25 to 29 July, rainfall will be below average, according to the NOAA-National Weather Service Official in the country. The temperatures should be below the normal for the same period. Another factor that also gave support to prices on Thursday was the weekly sales newsletter. According to the USDA (United States Department of agriculture), in the week ended July 12, the day the cereal sales totaled 641,000 tons of old crop. The volume was above the expectations of market participants, who were among 300,000 to 600,000 tons. In the season, sales totaled 58,736,400,000 tons, surpassing the last year, and front of the USDA estimate total of 60,960,000 tonnes. The Japan was the main destination of the cereal. Sales of the new crop, for your time, totaled 774,500 tons, while the projections ranged from 200,000 to 500,000 tons only. The Mexico was the biggest buyer. "The demand for u.s. corn is strong in both domestic and global market and we want to remain strong for some time," said Arlan Suderman, principal economist of the commodities broker INTL FCStone. The internal market Thursday was of slight corn prices movements in the domestic market. According to a survey conducted by the team of Agricultural News, in smile (MT), the high was 5.88%, with the get R $18.00. Already in Rio Verde (GO), recovery was 3.85%, with the sack of cereal to R $27.00. In the New Delhi region (PR), the gain was 1.71%, with the get R $29.70. Still in the State of Paraná, in Pato Branco, the price climbed 1.62 percent and the sack closed the day R $31.40. On the other hand, at the port of Paranagua, the future draw, for delivery in August fell 1.30% 18 and pulls listed the R $38.00. "Businesses are still slow and follow just procurement delivery. With the dry climate, the producer gives preference to the harvest of grain and wait to see what direction to take, "says the consultant Brandalizze Consulting market, Nicole Brandalizze. Yet in the view of the expert, the high values of the freight still placing the business with the cereal. It is expected to be reported this Friday (20) a new table of freight by ANTT (national agency of terrestrial transports).
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