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28% increase in your direction movement of grain in the port of Santos

SAO PAULO (Reuters)-the Course embarked between January and July this year of 2.3 million tons of grain by your terminal in the port of Santos, an increase of 28% compared to the previous year, the company said Thursday in a statement. The volume corresponds to 9% participation in grain for export cargo at the dock, the largest port in Latin America. In relation to bulk shipments of Course, the company highlighted the performance of agricultural commodities, especially soybeans. The sum of the volumes of oilseed rape, maize and sugar sent by the company represents 19% of the market share. "Bulk drive reached 6.1 million tonnes shipped in 135 ships," said Fabricio Degani, Director of operations for the Course. "And the prospects for the coming months follow positive, mainly on account of the harvest of grains, especially soybeans," he added. The brazilian soybean harvest this year should reach 119 million tons, after the total grain production of the country in 2017/18 have been to 228.6 million tons, the second largest of the last 15 years, the company reported, citing data from the National Company Supply (Conab). The Course is the largest logistics provider based independent train of Latin America, with concessions in the States of São Paulo, Mato Grosso, Mato Grosso do Sul, Paraná, Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina.
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