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Dollar rises 1.5%, touch R$4,15 with electoral scene and has second-largest listing of history

SAO PAULO (Reuters)-After two trading sessions, the dollar came back to close with strong high, higher than the 1% and close to the actual 4.15 second highest value of the Real plan, with caution given the uncertainties with domestic electoral scenario overlapping the external environment more comfortable. The dollar advanced 1,48%, 4.1414 in sale, below only the real 4.1655 of 21 January 2016, the highest value recorded in the Real plan. To the maximum, the currency touched 4.15 reais, the real 4.1479. The dollar future had elevation of about 1,4%. "There's a lot ahead of us," justified the Superintendent of Correparti Broker, Ricardo Gomes da Silva, referring to the elections. Even currency fall against real at the beginning of business, going to at least 4.0623 real, in line with the international market. But the movement is not maintained on the seizure. On the eve, the Federal Supreme Court (STF) reported that analyse in virtual in September an appeal trial of former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva against a decision of the plenary of the Court denied habeas corpus to PT in early April. Began on Tuesday for the first trial Chamber of the SUPREME COURT, of complaint which can make the candidate Jair Bolsonaro (PSL) defendant for racism and discriminatory manifestations against Maroons, indigenous and refugees. Still wasn't finished until the foreign exchange market close. Although there is no any kind of impediment to the candidacy of Bolsonaro for President if it becomes defendant, the situation extends the caution of investors due to a backdrop of legal uncertainty. Bolsonaro, who leads the polls to vote in the scenario in which Lula is not in dispute, follow also in focus as it will give an interview with National Journal, a day after Ciro Gomes (PDT) have opened the cycle of talks. Overseas, the dollar had slight fall against the basket of currencies after the Pact between the U.S. and Mexico to reshape the agreement North American free trade agreement (Nafta). But going up against currencies of emerging countries, after operating in low in much of the session, contributing to pressure the dollar against the real. The Brazilian Central Bank offered and sold foreign exchange swaps traditional 4800 fully equivalent to the future sale of dollars, 4.8 billion dollar 5.255 billion in total wins in September. If you keep this offer and sell it by the end of the month, will have done full scrolling.
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