segunda-feira, 10 de setembro, 2018

Dollar operates at fall under R $4.10

The dollar operates at fall on Monday (10), below the level of R $4.10, eye of the political scene and waiting for new polls. At 9:37, the American currency fell 0.30%, negotiated the R $4.0842 on sale. In the slightest of the day until the moment came to R $4.0533. On Thursday (6), last trading session, the dollar closed in fall of 1.11%, R $4.0966. Already in the year, has an appreciation of about 23%. The Central Bank carries out this auction session until foreign exchange swaps traditional 10900, equivalent to the future sale of dollars for scrolling the due date of October, for a total of $9, 801bilhões. If you keep this offer and sell it by the end of the month, will have done full scrolling. New level and prospects the recent skyrocketing of the dollar, which came back to break the barrier of R $4 after 2 and a half years, it happens amid the uncertainty about the electoral scenario and also to the external scenario more turbulent, which increases the demand for protection in dollar. Investors have been buying dollars in response to polls that show lower voting for candidates considered more pro-market and committed to the reform agenda and set of public accounts. The uncertainties and nervousness generate greater demand for protection in dollar, which presses the quotation of the currency. Importers, companies with dollar debts and tourists concerned shall buy more dollars and also contribute to raise the price of the U.S. currency. Another factor pressing the Exchange is the elevation of the basic interest rates in advanced economies like the United States and European Union that encourages the removal of dollars of emerging countries. The market has monitored still trade war between United States and its trading partners and the crisis in countries such as Argentina and Turkey. The view of analysts is that nervousness tends to continue until I find a new floor or even a greater definition of the electoral race. The projection of the financial market to the exchange rate at the end of 2018 remained stable at R $3.80, second Newsletter Focus reported on Monday (10) by the Central Bank. For closing of 2019, remained unchanged at $3.70 per dollar.
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