terça-feira, 18 de setembro, 2018

Drop in price of long-life milk in the wholesale and retail

According to a survey of Scot Consultoria in São Paulo, the long life milk (UHT) was quoted in an average of R$2,78 per litre in the first fortnight of September, a retreat of 3.9% compared to the end of August. The product is in decline since the first half of July. From then on the decline was 12.0%. The falls can be attributed to the increased production of raw materials (raw milk) in the southern region and the highest bidder also in Central and southeastern Brazil. With respect to consumption, this has improved in the first half of the month, however, the business occur in lower prices. In retail, the price of the UHT milk was virtually stable, with a slight devaluation of 0.3% in the first half of September. The product is listed, on average, in R$3,81 per litre in supermarkets in the State of São Paulo. The average of all dairy products surveyed, the retail market had appreciation of 0.8%, in comparison with the previous fortnight.
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