sexta-feira, 14 de setembro, 2018

Eggs: average price in this first half is lower than that of August

The prices of eggs follow in low levels in the first fortnight of September, still reflecting the high supply of the product in the domestic market. According to contributors to the Cepea, not even the intensification of descartes of layers and the good performance of exports in August were able to reduce internal protein availability. In the first fortnight of this month's partial (up to 13 day), the average price of egg white type for withdrawal in Bastos (SP) is 4.3% lower than the same period of August, r $66,97/cx with 30 dozens. As for the Red egg extra type, also to withdrawal in Bastos, the average price of the box 6% shied a fortnight for another, closing at an average of between 3 and 13 R $74.57 September. As for foreign sales, according to data from the Brazilian, the volume of exported eggs in August totaled 1963 tons, 11.6% higher than July and 40% greater than the shipped in the same period to 2017.
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