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Sale of corrugated board falls 3.23% in December, reveals ABPO

Sales of corrugated board used in packaging-boxes, accessories and plates-declined 3.23 percent in December compared with the same month of the previous year, to 267,419 tons, according to final data released by the Brazilian Association of cardboard Wavy (ABPO). In comparison with November was sharp fall of 14.09%. In a statement, the Association points out that this was the worst December since 2016. Disregarding seasonal influence, the corrugated expedition retreated for the second consecutive time in December on a monthly comparison (with decline of 0.67% compared to November), to 299,909 tons-less performance since may 2018, that period was heavily impacted by the strike of truck drivers. In m ², the expedition in December totaled 531,259 m ², indicating falling 3.56% before December 2017. The shipment by working day fell 3.23% in December, with the same number of working days in 2017 and 2018 (25 days). In comparison with the previous month, December having a working day longer than November (25 working days in December against 24 working days in November), the expedition per working day in December was 17.5% lower. 2018Em 2018, accumulated shipment of boxes, plates and accessories Corrugated Board in tonnes amounted to 3,563,858, with an increase of 1.63% in 2017 m ², the accumulated expedition in 2018 surpassed 1% of the previous year, totaling 7,007,190 m ². In quarterly comparative shipment corrugated boxes was superior in 2018 in almost all quarters except the second quarter of the year, yet the data without seasonal adjustment, claims the Association in a statement.
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